Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Here I Am

Okay, I'm new at this so first I will introduce myself. My name is Katie & I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We are blessed to have four healthy,happy kids who take up most of my time. Besides the children we have a herd of animals too, but I won't list them all......just know that I have a lot. My husband & I have been through a lot together,including owning a large business & then losing the business. It's been tough but we are managing to pull through it all with a lot of faith.

The one thing that has always been there is my love of creating things.....I get inspired & it awakens my drive to create things & to express myself with these items. The name SweetGirl comes from some very sweet little girls that I know, my daughter & my friend's daughters. So there you have it....SweetGirl Expressions.

On my blog I will be posting ideas,tutorials and things that I've made or repurposed. I will also be posting things that inspire me, which are usually from many fellow bloggers that I have admired. I will be honored if you choose to follow along on my, Kates

p.s. my friends call me Kates  - which I hope you will too :)

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