Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween....(Being Goofy Again!)

On Saturday we went to my friend's annual Halloween party & it was a blast! Her theme this year was good & evil or superheroes & villians. It wasn't too hard to decide on our costume. In fact anyone who knows my husband probably could have guessed our costume easily. My husband had a childhood's some hints: he drives a cool car, he hangs around with a "boy wonder" & likes to hang out in caves.....that's right, it's no one other then Batman!!! I can hear the theme song now..."nanananana Batman!"
my hubby's arm is a blur because he couldn't stop making action poses! :)
A bunny rabbit & a hunter
I originally wanted to go as Catwoman, not the Halle Berry version but the Eartha Kitt/Julie Newmar one. You know the original one, the cool one.  Problem is that costume is no where to be found unless you want to shell out around $200 & that is not happening. I thought about making one but since I have been sick lately I just took the easy route & purchased a Batgirl costume. My husband had so much fun living out his childhood fantasy. In fact it was the first year he kept it on all night..(even driving the 45 minute drive there wearing the whole getup!)There were so many great costumes & I tried to take some good pictures but my camera had a mind of it's own. The flash only worked when it felt like it was acting like it was under a spell or possessed or something......ooohhhh spooky...... A lot of the pictures looks very red, like the party was held in Hades ......ooohhhh spooky again!!!!

Nacho Libre rubber snakes in her hair!
An evil knight & a fairy godmother
Dog the Bounty hunter & his wife Amy.....great costume, they had all of the accessories perfect- armbands,badges,gloves & etc!
Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf!!..(this wolf has all kinds of "bad" on his mind-check out the wine bottle!:)
Another great costume-the devil & an angel...she had both sides of the theme covered!
 One of the party hosts as the evil ex-boyfriend #3 from the movie Scott Pilgrim Saves The World. With him is Lindsey Lohan- The "good"before & the "bad" after...(notice the bunny ears on the after)
The hostess as The Black Swan.....handmade  & perfectly done
no party is complete without the wicked witch!!
My hubby enjoying his alter ego.....LOL!
the other Dark Knight couple
Ex-boyfriend #3 with a can of Miller Lite the beer evil or good? decide :)

Batman & the evil Joker!!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feverish Crafting

Sometimes I think I'm crazy. No really, I do. As you might know (if you've been reading my online blabbering) I have had the head cold from H*ll. I'm not was bad. Usually I'm the type of person who just shuts up & deals with it. I've learned that I really don't have a choice having four kids.....but this one was bad, make that Bad with a capital B!! I'm still coughing like an old lady who is gasping for her last dying breath....
Anyway since I have just basically been sitting on the couch taking a break I caught up on all my shows on the DVR. Besides trashy episodes of the Real Housewives I have been catching up on one of my favorites......Project Runway. I just love that show. The people on there are so talented & a little crazy too. I wish I could sew like those people......someday I'll teach myself. I do have my grandmother's sewing machine.......
Even though I had a fever most of the time I was motivated to make something while watching the show. So instead of just relaxing I got to work & tried to ignore my throbbing head. It needed to be something simple & easy so my brain didn't have to work any harder than usual. (Insert smart aleck brain or IQ joke here). After scouting out Pinterest for an idea I decided on these.
I know they are all over the place now but I still think that they are cute. I needed something to decorate for fall & Thanksgiving time. Since I had some old sweaters I thought "why not?" I like how they turned out..they give me a cozy feeling when I look at them & cozy is good around here. In case you haven't heard Chicago winters are not fun. So what do you guys think?

I'm also working on a few other things too. I can never stick to one project at a time.......I think I have crafting ADD or maybe I am just crazy.....
just a peek of my stash of bottles...I love the different shapes & colors
Can you guess what I'm going to do with these? The DIY Show Off

Starting To Show Some Potential

Looking much brighter in here with just one coat :)
Notice the paint on the chair.....that actually wasn't from me, it was from the "professionals" that we hired to paint at our last house.....nice. :(
I woke up this morning feeling better then I have in the last week. Finally I can function without some sort of cold medicine pulsing through my veins. Yesterday I managed to paint the first coat in my soon to be craft room/office. The paint I'm using is by Valspar & it's called Vanilla Steam. It looks pretty good considering the dark colors that I had to color. Even though I had them mix in primer to supposedly make it a "high hiding formula" I know that I will need at least two coats, if not three. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end........( I keep telling myself that while I paint). The color is a very faint greyish/tanish/white.....I can't really explain it better then that, sorry. I want a neutral shade since I know that I will fill this room with tons of stuff that inspire me & I still want to try to make it relaxing too. Wish me luck on that- ha! Hopefully I will get another coat done today.....maybe even two if I keep feeling better & can find some good music to paint to :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Going To Tackle It!

I woke up today still not feeling well but pretty proud of myself. I managed to clean up about 90% of my mess in the dining room. I lugged almost everything down to our finished basement, planning on finally setting up my work area until I came up with a better idea. I decided that the office on the main floor of the house would be a much better fit. First I had to convince my sweet hubby that this is a good idea & why....basically swearing to him that it "won't turn into a junk dumping ground"........I promise. :)

You gotta love all of the cables & my copier on the floor...

Another view of the mess in here....I do like the french door though
This means that I have to get off of my hiney & paint this room. This room has kinda been ignored, it has turned into a "where should we put this stuff" room. To make matters worse one wall of the room is a bright, but kinda dark turquoise! All of the other walls are a boring tan color. Kinda hard to explain but hopefully you can see it in the pictures. Almost every wall needs patching up too. the previous owner was what I call Anchor Crazy!! She used anchors for everything & when she would move something she would just slap paint on top of the old unused a result I have to do a lot of patching up first, before I paint! Ugh.
So wish me luck as I jack myself up on some Dayquil & try to turn this into a beautiful office/craft room....

p.s. I'm already thinking that I might just need an antique armoire to hold my supplies ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Boy...

I'm sitting here today & looking in my dining room at the mess. My mess. There must be about 4 or 5 half done projects that I'm working on. I really want to get these done but I feel like poop. My family has had a nasty head cold & now I have it. Oh yeah. So as a result I don't feel like doing anything except curling up with a blanket & watching some really bad reality tv.....

What I should be doing is cleaning the dining room but the blanket & couch are calling my name.........
maybe for just an hour or so then I can start to tackle my mess.....

I Got Featured :)

It seems that my lights that I made out of minnow cages have gotten a lot of positive responses. I wasn't sure what everyone would think of them because they are a little different & give off an industrial vibe, but I have been surprised how many of you really like them!

Karen G. over at liked them so much that she featured them on her blog.......I'm flattered by her sweet post :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Party (Adults Acting Goofy)

Wayne & Garth- (us)

D*ck in a Box & Gilly
His costume was perfect...down to the anatomically correct suckers in the box :0
Every year one of my friends always hosts a halloween party which is basically just an excuse for all of us :adults" to dress up & act crazy. Of course my husband & I never miss it!! One of the best things she does is that she gives it a theme. One year the theme was tv personalities so my hubby & I went as Bret Michaels & Daisy DelaHoya (she is one of his special "lady friends"). The next year it was 80's rock stars. We went as Robert Smith & Siouxsie Sioux. I wish I had pictures to show you guys all the costumes from these previous years but I can't find them. :( .....But I do have the pictures from last year & I think last year's theme was the best! It was SNL (Saturday Night Live) characters!! We went as Wayne & Garth ("Wayne's World, Party On, Excellent!"). Everyone's costumes were fabulous so enjoy the pictures!!
It's Donatella Versace!
SNL Cheerleaders (Our hosts-the funniest part was that his head is shaved so I couldn't stop laughing at his wig!!)
Tiger Woods ( he was on SNL often then) & one of the Pump You Up  guys in the background
The Church Lady & Mary Katherine Gallagher ( he did the best church lady dance :)
Laser Cats!!!!
Big Butt People (from older SNL season)
Buckwheat, Pat & Belushi's famous Samarai
This year her theme is Super Heros/Villains or Good/Evil.....of course we already know what we are going as but I'm not going to will just have to wait for the pictures! ;)

I'm also hoping that I remember to take pictures of her house too, she does a awesome job decorating it!!

Our town also hosts an event that they call The Gallery Of Ghoulish Homes Tour. People decorate their homes & put on shows for people to come see. Then on a special judging night you can download maps to all of the houses. So.....of course we did this too! (Can you tell that I love Halloween?!) We spookified our house by making it look like a wedding party car accident scene. We even used my son's car to make it look real. I never got pictures from that night because we were too busy being swamped with people. It was a blast!! My hubby & I dressed-up as the bride & groom with his sisters being our dead bridesmaids. We also had a werewolf & multiple other ghouls running around scaring people. I guess we did a good job because we won The Rookie Award! I actually have the trophy on a shelf in my office......I know, I'm a dork.


my sister-in-law, Cindy

my other sister-in-law, Karen

My zombie children..(even supergirl is a zombie!)

my walking dead hubby

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Thrilled :)...Way Thrilled!! Yipee!!!!

A few days ago I submitted my Pottery Barn knock off lantern to one of my favorite blogs. It's called Knock Off Decor & it's so much fun to read. People send her projects that they have done knocking off various famous brands like Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie  & Pottery Barn. Its amazing to see what people come up with to mimic these stores at a fraction of the cost! Besides it's so much fun to get inspired by these places & then create a cheaper (if not better) version. Long story lantern is featured!!!! I'm so excited & flattered that I'm acting like a girl who just got asked out on a date by her crush.......(I'm gushing:)

Anyway please take a moment to check it out & to check out all of the other wonderful posts that she has!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Forgotten Zebra

One of my friends was looking at my blog the other day & said "where's your funky zebra chair?"  I did this chair almost a year ago, in fact it was my first chair that I ever did. I wasn't going to put it on my blog since I didn't take a before picture but my friend convinced me that I should anyway. Anyway......I had been seeing a lot of cool animal print chairs & wanted one but  they were always too expensive. So since I'm cheap I decided that I would just have to make one. I found a chair at a local thrift shop & then hunted for some fabric that I liked. The chair screamed the 80's--it was a honey gold oak color with a nasty gold & orange print fabric. It was ugly. First I painted the chair black, beat it up a little bit-(always fun:) and then re-covered it. Wasn't too hard- I just used my handy-dandy staple gun.
I still like this chair a appeals to my "wild side" :)

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Minnow Lights

I finally got around to taking pictures of the other lights that I made. Here is the before picture of them.They are two minnow baskets. When attached together they make a minnow trap. I just purchased a pendant light kit & mounted it in there. Easy, Breezy......

This last shot is a picture of one of them that my husband put up in his band room (yes, he is in a band & yes they practice here). He couldn't wait to see what they looked like lit up :)  Ignore the green paint on the's from the flourescent lights that the previous owners had put up.
So what do you guys think??

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special Of course I linked this to one of my favorites-Funky Junk Tip Junkie handmade projects

Nada Farm Event--lots of photos

I attended a business class in this corn crib. It was given by Jennifer Rizzo ( & Jeanne Oliver ( were so sweet & knowledgeable!
Heading towards the vendor's tents..
The vintage clocks in the Pepsi crate were fabulous..
I love this display

A view of the outside tents

This view is from inside the corn crib....during the class these little guys were quite outgoing & funny :)

The entrance inside the barn

Love the color of this tutu!

Beautiful handmade aprons!

Close up of some of the aprons...
see the dress form? of these days I will find the perfect one!

I loved these red signs....

Sweet little crown & aluminum letters...
This was outside the barn (the sun had gone down)....loved the candles reflecting behind the window pane
I was lucky enough to go to the Nada Farm event this past Friday evening. I can only describe it by saying it was beautiful & inspiring! I took a lot of photos but since the sun was setting it was hard to get great lighting. Some of these photos are not that great but I'm going to post them anyway because I want you guys to get a taste of everything! There was so much great stuff & pretty displays everywhere you looked.....

You could just sit down on a bale & listen to the music....

One of my favorite things...the handpainted feathers on the walls!

See the feathers....

So much to look at..
Wanted this couch, but hubby would have killed me..

teacups hanging from the branches..

Harvest spelled out with twigs behind the register & dries flowers pressed behind window panes

Of course I checked out this dress form too...

The christmas tree cast a beautiful glow 

The Swing was so sweet

Christmas ornaments made out of old cd's covered with vintage clock faces

Wanted to buy a pair of these for my daughter but they were all gone :(

Christmas tree & snowman made out of sheet music

This dresser was painted the perfect shade of blue-violet

close up of the bracelets made out of buttons & bottles decorated with vintage labels
Inside the barn was almost too much to take in...there were tree branches attached to the inside with tea cups dangling from them. Beautiful lanterns hanging way up high that lit up the barn with a warm glow...They had set up hay bales to sit on so you could listen the great guitar music & treats to buy to snack on but I was too busy admiring everything :)

I will definitely be driving out west past the "big cities", towards the farm fields to go visit NaDa Farm again......