Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Party (Adults Acting Goofy)

Wayne & Garth- (us)

D*ck in a Box & Gilly
His costume was perfect...down to the anatomically correct suckers in the box :0
Every year one of my friends always hosts a halloween party which is basically just an excuse for all of us :adults" to dress up & act crazy. Of course my husband & I never miss it!! One of the best things she does is that she gives it a theme. One year the theme was tv personalities so my hubby & I went as Bret Michaels & Daisy DelaHoya (she is one of his special "lady friends"). The next year it was 80's rock stars. We went as Robert Smith & Siouxsie Sioux. I wish I had pictures to show you guys all the costumes from these previous years but I can't find them. :( .....But I do have the pictures from last year & I think last year's theme was the best! It was SNL (Saturday Night Live) characters!! We went as Wayne & Garth ("Wayne's World, Party On, Excellent!"). Everyone's costumes were fabulous so enjoy the pictures!!
It's Donatella Versace!
SNL Cheerleaders (Our hosts-the funniest part was that his head is shaved so I couldn't stop laughing at his wig!!)
Tiger Woods ( he was on SNL often then) & one of the Pump You Up  guys in the background
The Church Lady & Mary Katherine Gallagher ( he did the best church lady dance :)
Laser Cats!!!!
Big Butt People (from older SNL season)
Buckwheat, Pat & Belushi's famous Samarai
This year her theme is Super Heros/Villains or Good/Evil.....of course we already know what we are going as but I'm not going to will just have to wait for the pictures! ;)

I'm also hoping that I remember to take pictures of her house too, she does a awesome job decorating it!!

Our town also hosts an event that they call The Gallery Of Ghoulish Homes Tour. People decorate their homes & put on shows for people to come see. Then on a special judging night you can download maps to all of the houses. So.....of course we did this too! (Can you tell that I love Halloween?!) We spookified our house by making it look like a wedding party car accident scene. We even used my son's car to make it look real. I never got pictures from that night because we were too busy being swamped with people. It was a blast!! My hubby & I dressed-up as the bride & groom with his sisters being our dead bridesmaids. We also had a werewolf & multiple other ghouls running around scaring people. I guess we did a good job because we won The Rookie Award! I actually have the trophy on a shelf in my office......I know, I'm a dork.


my sister-in-law, Cindy

my other sister-in-law, Karen

My zombie children..(even supergirl is a zombie!)

my walking dead hubby

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  1. Love these pictures they made me laugh so hard, especially the guy who dressed up as D--k in a box!!! That's one of my favorite SNL skits . For the record i don't think you're a dork for dressing up, you are having fun! Can't wait to see the pictures from this year.... :D


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