Monday, October 10, 2011

Nada Farm Event--lots of photos

I attended a business class in this corn crib. It was given by Jennifer Rizzo ( & Jeanne Oliver ( were so sweet & knowledgeable!
Heading towards the vendor's tents..
The vintage clocks in the Pepsi crate were fabulous..
I love this display

A view of the outside tents

This view is from inside the corn crib....during the class these little guys were quite outgoing & funny :)

The entrance inside the barn

Love the color of this tutu!

Beautiful handmade aprons!

Close up of some of the aprons...
see the dress form? of these days I will find the perfect one!

I loved these red signs....

Sweet little crown & aluminum letters...
This was outside the barn (the sun had gone down)....loved the candles reflecting behind the window pane
I was lucky enough to go to the Nada Farm event this past Friday evening. I can only describe it by saying it was beautiful & inspiring! I took a lot of photos but since the sun was setting it was hard to get great lighting. Some of these photos are not that great but I'm going to post them anyway because I want you guys to get a taste of everything! There was so much great stuff & pretty displays everywhere you looked.....

You could just sit down on a bale & listen to the music....

One of my favorite things...the handpainted feathers on the walls!

See the feathers....

So much to look at..
Wanted this couch, but hubby would have killed me..

teacups hanging from the branches..

Harvest spelled out with twigs behind the register & dries flowers pressed behind window panes

Of course I checked out this dress form too...

The christmas tree cast a beautiful glow 

The Swing was so sweet

Christmas ornaments made out of old cd's covered with vintage clock faces

Wanted to buy a pair of these for my daughter but they were all gone :(

Christmas tree & snowman made out of sheet music

This dresser was painted the perfect shade of blue-violet

close up of the bracelets made out of buttons & bottles decorated with vintage labels
Inside the barn was almost too much to take in...there were tree branches attached to the inside with tea cups dangling from them. Beautiful lanterns hanging way up high that lit up the barn with a warm glow...They had set up hay bales to sit on so you could listen the great guitar music & treats to buy to snack on but I was too busy admiring everything :)

I will definitely be driving out west past the "big cities", towards the farm fields to go visit NaDa Farm again......


  1. Oh Wow! Thank you so much for sharing these... I just took my time and looked at each and every one! Can't imagine how wonderful it must have been to actually be there. Thank You Again! Very Inspired!

  2. Hi Katie! I am so glad you had a good time here on our farm...thank you so much for coming and sharing your pictures!! have a great rest of your weekend :)
    Anne Marie


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