Friday, October 7, 2011

Off to Na Da.....

I'm so exited today! I am off to the Na Da farm event today. I cannot wait to see all of the goodies & go to the classes there.  I even thought ahead & made sure my husband left me the van today.....( I did promise not too buy anything big though...wink,wink). I'm hoping that I remember to take a lot of pictures while I'm there so I can share them with you......speaking of pictures- I need to get my camera out & get to business! I've been busy painting my bathroom cabinets and refinishing a high chair from Ikea. I also finished my Pottery Barn knock off lantern. Besides doing all of this my hubby & I went to Lowe's & finally picked out new pulls for the kitchen! So I need to order more paint & then there's no stopping me!!! We also got (or should I say I talked him into it) a beautiful crystal chandelier for our master bath. A girl has gotta have a little bling to start her why not?! :)
The sun is coming up so I'm off to take some photos......

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