Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter White Wreath.....Try Saying That Real Fast!!

I made this wreath last week, took a picture of it & then forgot all about it. I swear I'm getting so scattered- brained lately! was easy to do. I just covered a straw wreath in white flour sack dish towels (from Target) & then made a bunch of flowers out of white felt. Then I used a glue gun to put them on. The wreath looked pretty this way, in fact I was planning on just keeping it that way. I figured that I will use this wreath after the holidays are over, during the cold snowy month of January. But.....I decided to add some seasonal swag to it! I blinged-up some foam snowflakes that I had, strung them on some silver ribbon & now my wreath is all festive! The best part is that I can take the snowflake banner off (it's just held by pins) so I can still use it after the holiday season is over :)

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Glitter Everywhere!.....(More Christmas Decorations)

Yesterday I was busy making a bunch of Christmas decorations. I made so many that I felt like an elf :)
If you follow me on Pinterest (my link is on the right sidebar) you have probably seen my huge Chirstmas board. There are so many great creations out there in blog land that have inspired me! So here are my versions.....
The deer are from Goodwill, they were brass & I spray painted them. The angel & the diamond shaped ornament are from Michaels '- I just glittered them up :). It's hard to see but I also made the glass ball ornaments too. They're also from Michael's - I filled them w/snow flakes & glitter.

Another angel that I "glitterfied" & some glass balls that I filled with vintage sheet music &  more glitter :)

I've had this guy forever, I used to use him when I would sketch but now I use him more for display.  I decided  to turn him into an angel so I made him wings & a halo.......

....of course I made his wings to big to fit inside his little "home".....ooops ;)

Two little terrariums  that I made. I used more white glitter for snow.

I used chalk paint on the top so I can change up the lids & put whatever I want on them.

I just used glue & glitter (surprise) to decorate these. Very easy to make :)

Close up of some of my ornaments.
 I also made snow globes too but they are "curing".......I'll have to show you them later. Of course now I have glitter everywhere! By everywhere I mean ALL over my house & me. You would think that eventually I would be glitter free but nope, that's not the case.  I swear every time I look in the mirror there is something sparkling on me! I'm like a human disco ball....ugh. I mean seriously, how many times do I have to vacuum to get all of this stuff up?!HookingupwithHoHPhotobucketLink PartyA girl and a glue gun

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Old Found Items...(lots of pictures)

Nice & rusty with an old key that was still attached
In the last few weeks I have been to a couple of barn sales & resale shops & I found some great least they are great to me. Here are a few pictures of my finds:

A pretty old flat blue bottle & a white tea pot

An old catsup crate...(I call it ketchup:)

The side of the crate - great graphics!

T.A. Snider Preserve Co. Cincinnati OH

Old bottle with the label still on!! It says Ayer's Hair Vigor  for "restoring the natural vitality & color of the hair"

A collection of blue jars- Ball, Atlas & Mason. Can never have too many of these :)

Sterling silver napkin rings, telephone insulators (love the color) & a rusty old brush thing

Two old seltzer bottles- I want more but they're hard to find or too much money usually.

A great old loaf pan & a mercury glass candle. The pears are mine - I just covered them in old encyclopedia pages. 

The candle is actually from Pottery Barn, & never even used! The best part - I only paid a few bucks! Woo-hoo!
I love searching for old vintage treasures. It's so much fun because you never know what you will find!Photobucket

Vintage Looking Pedestals.....(more quickies)

A few of you have told me that you like my "quickies" so here is another one. A while back I posted some pedestals that I made out of candle holders & crystal. They were fun to do but I wanted some with more of a vintage or rustic look. I had some old pie plates & a few more candlesticks so I made these. I'm really liking the look of these. It's fun to see what different styles I can make. What do you guys think? Which do you prefer, the crystal & china or the pewter & tin look?            

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I Call Her Babette

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I had a nice one. I ate too much & then I was basically in a food stupor all day yesterday. Today is a new day & I decided to get to work & finish the end table that I started a few days back. I actually have two of these but so far I have only finished one. I'm not sure if I'm going to do the other one to match or do something entirely different with it though. Above is my before picture of one of them. They were both pretty scratched up when I found them (at Goodwill :) but I loved their legs & the wire sides. I call them my "girls".
Oh yeah, that is a chandelier next to her that I am in the middle of working on too. It's almost done, I'll show you it later. she is:
Elle est jolie ;)

You can see what makes her different here, she doesn't just have a plan old  table top....not this girl!

her profile
close up of her vintage french style ;)
You can see the wood finish peaking through the paint on her curves.
more french touches
Oh la la!
I love the wire on her sides!

close up of her leg

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint again, ( I know-what a surprise) in the color Paris Grey. Applied clear wax & then "beat her up" a bit. After doing that she looked great but needed that extra something- something. You know, something to make her stand out in a crowd. So I decided to Mod Podge some vintage French Ephemera that I had onto her. I think it brings out her Frenchiness. Ok, I know that's not a word but that's what I call it. After I was done I stood back, took one look at her I decided that I will now call her Babette. My husband thinks I'm weird (what else is new) but that's how I refer to her now. As in "I'm going to put Babette in the living room for now".  I would love to keep her but I have nowhere to put her, so she will be put up for sale in my Etsy store soon.  Her poor sister is still out in my garage feeling all neglected so I think I will have to get to work on her soon. I'm just not sure if she will be another French girl like her sister (Brigitte maybe?) or if she is a different type of girl all together.....
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