Monday, December 19, 2011

One Thing I Like About Winter

Yesterday morning I was inside cleaning the kitchen & trying to break up my kids fights when I looked out the window and saw a surprise. The trees & bushes were all covered in a thick layer of frost. The sun was shining brightly outside making the frost just glow! So I grabbed my camera & tried to grab a few photos. 

I wish I had noticed earlier because the frost was actually starting to melt, but at least I got a few shots of the pretty winter morning.
As you can see from these photos we do not have a very big yard & the big brick building in the background is the back wall of Target. Yes, I live right behind Target....and yes they should have a back door for me. I can't complain, it's convenient & they are a quiet neighbor but sometimes I miss our old yard. We used to live on over 2 acres with woods behind us. I often would look out & see deer & the occasional coyote in our yard. It was always very peaceful there. Considering that we back to a busy retail center it is surprisingly quiet. What I usually hear now are the sounds of kids playing & I will always enjoy that sound. After all of the changes my family has been through in the last year I am very thankful for what we have now.

Look closely, see the little spikes that the frost has made on the branches?

My neighbor's weeping willow - I wish this was a better picture, it just sparkled in the sunlight!

As I looked down I noticed that we had a visitor earlier - rabbit tracks! Even in the suburbs you can still find wild animal life :)

Birch trees in my front yard
Today, as I write this post all of the snow & frost has melted away, leaving piles of leaves that never were picked up exposed. I'm hoping that mother nature graces us with a winter wonderland for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Instead we have been having warmer than usual temps & little or no snow. To say that this is unusual for the Chicago area would be an understatement. Even though I do not enjoy the cold, I still enjoy a white Christmas :)
I will just have to keep my fingers crossed......


  1. I actually commented today that I was GLAD we did not have snow yet. Last year, we had all ready had two snow days by Christmas! I wouldn't mind a little snow but nothing like last year.

  2. Hi Katie, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my 'ice pics'. Yours are fantastic too! I don't know if you use picnik but that is my go to site for fixing up my images. Unfortunately I have been taking most of my pics with my iphone which is hit and miss when it comes to image quality.


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