Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quick Rustic Christmas Garland

I wanted to show you guys the quick little rustic garland that I made for Christmas. It was very easy to make. The little ornaments are made out of a dough that is part salt, flour & water. I used cookie cutters to cut them out. Very, very easy. The only thing that takes a while is cooking them, which is pretty much all afternoon. I didn't mind though because I'm always cold this time of the year so having the oven on low all day just made it cozy in the house :). After they were done I just strung them on some twine, attached some fabric scraps & some old jingle bells that I have & I was done! I will be making some more of these clay ornaments or tags soon so I will explain them better in another posting.....I will even remember to take a lot of pictures too!

Here it is strung across my kitchen window



  1. This is such a fun garland. I love it and how country it feels. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing:>


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