Monday, January 16, 2012

My Little Lamp Made It Through :)

my "before shot" of the lamp
The Decoart products that I used

As you all probably know by now I am in the One Month To Win It Challenge and Suprise!!....I made it through round two. In this round you had to use something from the Decoart paint product line. I decided right away that I wanted to use the paint to do something a little more unusual. Looking around my pile of stuff, I found this little lamp that I bought a while back at Goodwill. I knew that it was going to get a makeover!
Off I went to Michael's to decide what colors to use...after changing my mind a hundred times I decided to go with my first choice.....turquoise blues.
First thing I did was take apart the lamp & painted the inside. I also sanded the brass base & painted it with a champagne glitter paint for more "bling".Then I painted a bunch of plain old copy paper the different shades of paint that I had picked out. After the papers all dried I used a craft punch & cut out a ton of circles for each shade. I was originally going to cover the paper shade that I had for the lamp with the circles but as my children would say..."Fail"! It was not what I wanted. So in the garbage that went & back to the drawing board I went. I wanted the light to shine through the different shades of color so I knew I had to make my own shade from scratch. I managed to save the wire rim from the ruined paper shade but I had to build the rest of it. It wasn't too hard, I just got out my trusty glue gun & attached some fabric that I had. I played around with the circles trying to decide on what pattern that I wanted to make with them, but I decided that a simple, graduating color theme was the best. Next came the fun part.....gluing all of the circles on. That took a while & I only managed to burn myself a few times so it was a success in my book! :)
I put a bulb in & yeah, it worked!!! would think that I would have checked that first....duh.

painting the inside...

getting the circles punched out

deciding on a pattern

close up of the inside of the shade that I made
all done :)

my fancy collage photo......aren't you impressed?..haha

the lamp at happy that I managed to get the look of stained glass that I was trying for.....

I think it turned out cute & I'm thrilled to say that you guys must have to, because I managed to get enough votes to get through the Decoart paint challenge! Onto the next round.....the photos should be posted on The One Month To Win It blog tomorrow, the 17th. I would so appreciate it if you guys swing on by there & continue to vote...(hopefully for me)....
I really, really hope I get through this next round because the last challenge is my favorite project & I want to be able to show it..........I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed until the voting ends on Thursday night.....

wish me luck......

p.s. there's a button on my sidebar to hop over there & vote...--------->>>>

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  1. Yay - I voted for you! Good luck on the next one - I'll remember to vote tomorrow!

  2. Congratulations on getting through - looking forward to the next round !

  3. Congrats again. Hopping over there to check out the next projects :)

  4. KATIE! I love this! Stained glass meets hip and fresh!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Your lamp is gorgeous. I'll hunt for the link to vote for you.

  6. Wow - now that takes a lot of patience and talent. Very hip :)

    Nice job!


  7. Very Cute! Thanks for sharing! Getting ready to feature this on my FB page. :) New party up and running in the morning. xoxo, Clydia


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