Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stupid Toliet Roll Holder

One of the projects that I finally got around to fixing was my downstairs bathroom. It was a dark crimson red which I was fine with for a while. My problem was my stupid toliet paper holder. It never stayed in the wall correctly. It was hung with anchors and everything but it always somehow managed to work itself loose! It was driving me crazy!! I could not understand why this was happening, we even re-hung it with stronger anchors but, you guessed came loose again! At one point I asked my kids if they were hanging on it or something. Of course they denied any wrong as a result we just lived with two holes in the wall and the roll getting thrown anywhere. Then one day I just decided enough was enough. I had a solution and for me that means the whole room had to get redone. Never mind that I had to be at work in a few hours, I pulled out my leftover paint and had at it. Three coats later (I was too lazy to find the primer- learned my lesson on that one, btw) I had the wall done!! In my typical style I didn't get around to finishing the bathroom for a week or two but now its finally done! It's much brighter now which is good since there's no windows in there. And as for the toliet paper holder problem, that's been solved with a simple basket :).
Notice the lovely least the toliet paper wasn't on the floor this day.
Here are the after pictures...once again I was too lazy to grab my actual camera so I used my cell phone again.....
Problem solved :)

On the tank top is a vintage brick maker's mold which I'm using as a tray...( I know, I need new towels :)

I finally found somewhere to hang this! It's a reproduction of a Paris street sign that I bought a year ago and have just been trying to find a spot for it.
It's funny how a little paint can change even the tiniest rooms so drastically!

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