Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Remember Me?

Hi. It's been a long time…a really looonnggg time. I have to apologize, I've been a bad blooger. I haven't updated you guys on anything for a long time. I don't even know if anyone cares or is following me anymore (I wouldn't blame you if you've completely abandoned me)….So I will just try my best to get back on track. With that being said, I have been super busy. My part-time "fun" job working at a chain restaurant (has a big pepper over the door) has turned into a fun, full time job, which I love! For a while I even had another part time job, so add to that the normal household craziness that I deal with and maybe, just maybe you guys can forgive me for neglecting you my little blog….(please)…. But, I have been managing to still find time to let my creative side out and work on various projects….as I write this I have at least three projects that I'm in the middle of and four others that I need to get moving on. I did remember to try and take photos of what I've been doing so in the next few weeks I will be filling you guys in on all my craziness. First up- my bar stools. I've had these bar stools forever and I like them but one of my dogs chewed on them back when she was a puppy. I have been living with the chewed up stool for quite a while now ( said dog is now 8, btw) and I FINALLY decided to fix my stools. I decided to paint them to hide the fact that my dog thought they were her chew toy. Since my kitchen is basically black and white, I decided to add some color….I pulled out my Annie Sloan chalk paint in duck egg and went to work. Typical me wasn't happy with just painting them so I decided to stencil on them too and this is what I came up with….
I'm happy with the final result and I'm actually wondering why I didn't get off of my butt and just do this earlier…. Oh and by the way- that picture of my kitchen is clean, at least for me…lol Anyway, I hope someone out there is still sticking by me, reading my measly little blog. It's been a while, but I'm excited to be back :) Savvy Southern Style

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