Friday, August 26, 2011

I really need to quit procrastinating......really.

I got up this morning realizing that I have a lot of stuff to get done. Since my youngest is now in kindergarten I have 3 hours to myself every morning. That's THREE hours!! :) Now I realize that this is not a lot of time to most people but for me it's awesome! It has been 18 years.....18 long, long years since I have not had a child in the house with me. A child that needs a diaper changed, a snack to eat, a glass of milk or bottle to drink, their favorite movie put on for them, a favorite book read to them, or a game played with them, or just basically wanting to hang off me like a baby baboon. You get the picture, right? Of course my oldest is now at home but he can fend for himself now....(he should be working,but I won't get into that right now). I should be out running errands & getting everything done now.  I repeat, that is what I should be doing right now. That is what a smart person would be doing. I could try to explain to you how much easier it is to do this without dragging a 5yr old around but I'm going to assume you that know what I am talking about. If not, you will eventually.
Anyway.....I'm obviously not doing what I should be doing. I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee & writing this. I figure that I have earned a little "me time", right?......

The only problem is that in a while I will realize that I NEED to get everything done. As a result I will run around like a crazy woman trying to do it all in less time!

You would think that I would figure this out but nope, not me...........instead I'm going to get a second cup of coffee.

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