Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween....(Being Goofy Again!)

On Saturday we went to my friend's annual Halloween party & it was a blast! Her theme this year was good & evil or superheroes & villians. It wasn't too hard to decide on our costume. In fact anyone who knows my husband probably could have guessed our costume easily. My husband had a childhood's some hints: he drives a cool car, he hangs around with a "boy wonder" & likes to hang out in caves.....that's right, it's no one other then Batman!!! I can hear the theme song now..."nanananana Batman!"
my hubby's arm is a blur because he couldn't stop making action poses! :)
A bunny rabbit & a hunter
I originally wanted to go as Catwoman, not the Halle Berry version but the Eartha Kitt/Julie Newmar one. You know the original one, the cool one.  Problem is that costume is no where to be found unless you want to shell out around $200 & that is not happening. I thought about making one but since I have been sick lately I just took the easy route & purchased a Batgirl costume. My husband had so much fun living out his childhood fantasy. In fact it was the first year he kept it on all night..(even driving the 45 minute drive there wearing the whole getup!)There were so many great costumes & I tried to take some good pictures but my camera had a mind of it's own. The flash only worked when it felt like it was acting like it was under a spell or possessed or something......ooohhhh spooky...... A lot of the pictures looks very red, like the party was held in Hades ......ooohhhh spooky again!!!!

Nacho Libre rubber snakes in her hair!
An evil knight & a fairy godmother
Dog the Bounty hunter & his wife Amy.....great costume, they had all of the accessories perfect- armbands,badges,gloves & etc!
Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf!!..(this wolf has all kinds of "bad" on his mind-check out the wine bottle!:)
Another great costume-the devil & an angel...she had both sides of the theme covered!
 One of the party hosts as the evil ex-boyfriend #3 from the movie Scott Pilgrim Saves The World. With him is Lindsey Lohan- The "good"before & the "bad" after...(notice the bunny ears on the after)
The hostess as The Black Swan.....handmade  & perfectly done
no party is complete without the wicked witch!!
My hubby enjoying his alter ego.....LOL!
the other Dark Knight couple
Ex-boyfriend #3 with a can of Miller Lite the beer evil or good? decide :)

Batman & the evil Joker!!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!


  1. Awesome! You guys look great! I was Batgirl a few years ago but was a little more boobalicious than I intended. I won't even show anyone the pictures! Every year since I have so many friends asking if I will be Batgirl again (and yes, the creepy old neighbor-guy!!!), Batgirl has expired!
    Hope you have a fun evening, our kiddos are already high on candy - I think bedtimes are ruined!!! :)

  2. P.S. Gotta love a man that dresses up. Mine always does! :)

  3. Oops, here I am again! I just awarded you the Liebster Award. Take a look :)
    Have a great day!

  4. Looks like my neighborhood isn't the only one who holds an amazing party!! Love the Batman/Batgirl costumes :)


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