Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glitter Everywhere!.....(More Christmas Decorations)

Yesterday I was busy making a bunch of Christmas decorations. I made so many that I felt like an elf :)
If you follow me on Pinterest (my link is on the right sidebar) you have probably seen my huge Chirstmas board. There are so many great creations out there in blog land that have inspired me! So here are my versions.....
The deer are from Goodwill, they were brass & I spray painted them. The angel & the diamond shaped ornament are from Michaels '- I just glittered them up :). It's hard to see but I also made the glass ball ornaments too. They're also from Michael's - I filled them w/snow flakes & glitter.

Another angel that I "glitterfied" & some glass balls that I filled with vintage sheet music &  more glitter :)

I've had this guy forever, I used to use him when I would sketch but now I use him more for display.  I decided  to turn him into an angel so I made him wings & a halo.......

....of course I made his wings to big to fit inside his little "home".....ooops ;)

Two little terrariums  that I made. I used more white glitter for snow.

I used chalk paint on the top so I can change up the lids & put whatever I want on them.

I just used glue & glitter (surprise) to decorate these. Very easy to make :)

Close up of some of my ornaments.
 I also made snow globes too but they are "curing".......I'll have to show you them later. Of course now I have glitter everywhere! By everywhere I mean ALL over my house & me. You would think that eventually I would be glitter free but nope, that's not the case.  I swear every time I look in the mirror there is something sparkling on me! I'm like a human disco ball....ugh. I mean seriously, how many times do I have to vacuum to get all of this stuff up?!HookingupwithHoHPhotobucketLink PartyA girl and a glue gun


  1. Very cute decor! I love the little terrariums you cute :) Neat use of the wooden sketch man...wouldn't have thought of that!

    Have a great day,

  2. Love the wooden sketch guy with his new wings! How creative you are! Found you via youaretalkingtoomuch on FB and am now following to see what new creative stuffs you come up with :)

  3. My husband was in a frenzy last week when someone told him during a meeting that they were distracted by the glitter on his face! Needless to say, he wasn't a very happy camper at that point! Glad you are having fun with it!

  4. I love the terrariums! Did you glue the people and the tree's down or are they just set in there?

  5. erm... whow? And whow again, if you don't mind? That angel is so cool, I reckon I'll never look at Xmas decor quite the same way again. And that first photo is the sum of what I love about winter decorating full stop.


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