Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Got An Award!!!

I am so surprised!! Tami from Scribbles & Swirls nominated me for an award.....The Liebster Award!
If you are not familiar with the Liebster Bolg Award it is given to new up & coming bloggers who have fewer then 200 followers. Liebster is German & it means cutest, sweetest, nicest & etc.....basically a bunch of nice things & who wouldn't love that??! I know I do, so much so that it made my day :)
So now the fun part is that I get to pick out 3-5 blogs that I love. I get to tell them that & then they get to post the award on their blog......I love the land of blogs....everyone is so nice :)

Liebster+blog+award.pngSo here are my nominees:
Mark from room

Tami from Curb AlertCurb+Alert+Logo.jpg

Jill from Junky

and an honorable mention goes to Rebecca from You Are Talking Too Much....she technically has too many followers but I love reading her blog! 

Congrats everyone & let's share the love :)

sorry I couldn't get everyone's button to work......stupid computer/blogger is still arguing with me!! ugh.


  1. Thanks for the award! It's wonderful to know someone's reading out there :)

  2. Congratulations!

    I am honored as I still can't figure out how to even make a button! Thanks for sharing back!



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