Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Space To Call My Own

Well I think I have finally finished my work space. Actually not completely finished but about 90% finished & in my life that's a huge accomplishment. In case you guys don't remember what my office/den looked like or you're just now visiting me to read about me babbling on about stuff, here's the before pictures. Notice the lovely blue wall that the previous owner had done. Don't get me wrong, I like color but this was very dark. It was the color of the background in our fish tank. In fact now that I think about it with that wall color & the french door I kinda felt like I was in a tank! took one coat of Kilz primer & three coats of paint to cover that up!!! ( I even had primer in the paint too!) Here are the after pictures. I was hoping for a nice sunny day to take these but the weather out here by Chicago has been anything but! It has been cold,windy,cloudy & yesterday was our first snow. Not pretty snow, just the ugly windy, blowy mixed with freezing rain kind. Did I mention that it was cold too? Ugh. Ok...back to the photos. My area might seem cluttered to some but I like a lot of "stuff". The kind of stuff that makes me happy, gets me inspired & motivated. I also have to admit that I have crafting ADHD...I'm all over the place, starting one project & then abandoning it for another. Oh well, so here's my area & my "stuff" :)

I tried to take some pixs with the lights on first....& yes I have 2 lights. A blingy chandelier that I love & another one for  up-close work.

My desk is actually our old dining room table from Ikea.  Underneath it hidden behind an old cotton curtain are my bins of supplies. Next to it is my newly painted locker that holds all of my paint.

I know a lot of people have made these memo boards out of old crib springs but I love how they look & how functional they are. I added some burlap & rope for some texture & to change it up a little.

This is what you see when you first walk into the room....better picture (no lights on).

Close-up of my re-purposed crib springs & my chalkboard that I made out of a silver plated tray. ..and yeah, that is my autographed photo of the original Charlie's Angels.......I know, you're jealous...;)

Close-up of my desk top. This table has a decorative lower wire shelf so I just slid my two printers drawers & my magnetic board in there. It works well as a place to display & store stuff.  You can also see my bulletin board that I just made here. Underneath it is a old trough that I picked up at a barn sale which works great mounted to the wall.

I was surprised to see that everything fit perfectly underneath the glass, on  top of the wire shelf. If you can't tell- I've got a thing for rulers. I'm stock-piling them for a future project.

More rulers & an old bread & cake cabinet that I got at the flea market. I love the vintage label that is still on it. For now I'm using here for storage but I will probably put it somewhere better where I can show it off....

This is the wall opposite my work table. I obviously need to still do some organizing here but I'm  dreaming of someday getting a huge old vintage armoire to store everything in........sigh....

Look closely, you can see my supply bins hidden under the table

Still working on this corner. I finally got my hubby to agree to let me paint this old flea market desk! It has some great details but they get lost with all the old,chipping wood veneer. After I paint it I will decide what needs to go on the walls....

Well, that's my little space that I call my own......except for my side of the garage where I have all of my furniture pieces carefully tucked around my car. It feels so good to finally be out of my dining room & have my own space :) 


  1. Girl - Love your work space! Oh to have something organized and that pretty! Love all your extra touches...and the original Charlie's Angels?! How did you ever get that!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to do something to my work/office space.

  2. Love it! Nothing like my "industrial" space in the garage!! If I had this space, I would never leave!

  3. This is fantabulous!!! Just found your site becoming a follower(:

  4. Katie, I am looking for an old fashined sign like you modpodged on your locker. You mentioned you found it on Pinterest? Any way you could direct me where to find it or something like it?


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