Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Woo Hoo, Wednesday!!!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Usually when people think of Wednesday they think "ugh, middle of the work week" or "happy hump day". I am excited for tomorrow! There's a logical reason why.....I got all of my "work" done the last two days. You know,the yucky not so fun stuff that you have to do.....like laundry,cleaning,taking the car to the shop,catching up on all the important phone calls that you have been blowing off & of course, my favorite..paying bills. Ugh. In my world those things are never fun! But now that I have them all done I get to play tomorrow & that means make things!! I have so many half finished projects to do that I'm actually having a hard time deciding what to do first. I know...being excited over sitting in my room of junk & making things....that's a little weird, right? Oh well, I never said that I was completely normal ;)

As soon as the kiddies are off to school it's off to the craft store to buy a few things. Hopefully I can tackle some of these projects....of course I still have to finish my craft room/office too! I definitely do have crafting ADHD!! Ha!
Still have a ton of these...I have a plan, just got to tackle it!
remember this?....my little church barn sale stool that is stuffed w/hay & falling apart?...she is going to be a top priority
hopefully it will be warmer & not raining so I can get to work on this....my dining room is crying for it.....
Oh yeah, I still have plans for this....
Maybe I'll even show you guys what this is......here's a hint- it was another "quickie"


  1. Cannot wait to see the bottles. Do we need to drink some more wine so you can collect more?
    Last night I made a to-do list of all of the projects that I have procrastinated on (it was too long!)...I just quit and decided to work on a whim. Have fun tomorrow and try not to hightail the kids to school too fast!

  2. Keep us posted on all your progress...especially on the bottles! I'm collecting them too, but need an easy project :)


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