Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Someone Pulling A Joke On Me??

So a while back there was an email floating around blog land. It was from some people who were developing a reality/competition show for crafters & that they were looking for interested people. I thought that I had nothing to lose so I might as well respond. I figured that would be it,... that I would just shoot them an email & never hear back from them.
Today I got the surprise of a lifetime...they responded & they're interested. They sent me additional forms to fill out & they want more information from me. ...really?,..little, old me..?! I am beyond surprised!!! Is someone out there playing a trick on me?.......Trick or not, I'm going to fill out their forms & send them more info........maybe, just maybe I will get lucky.......:)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative Brain Freeze...Or Just Plain Lazy?

Recently a few of you have emailed me asking where I've been or what I have been up to. Hubby was on a business trip, leaving me to "hold the fort down" for awhile. With four kids, & the fact that I just started working (part time) again, it has been kinda crazy. As a result I have had little time or energy to do anything. Happily now the hubs is back & hopefully life will be back to the normal, manageable level of insanity. 

I've been trying to decide what I want to tackle next & there's definitely no shortage of ideas or projects that I want to do. The problem is getting motivated to start. It's like my brain is stuck on freeze. Maybe it's because it's so cold & dreary here now....maybe it's because I'm lazy. So in an effort to try to get my butt moving I'm going to show you guys two major projects that I need to get going on.

The first is the master bedroom & master bath. I don't have pictures yet of the bedroom, but take my word for it, it's a mess. There's still boxes of stuff from when we moved into this house last April that I haven't cleared out. It looks like a bomb went of in the room. I know that if I get it painted that I will be motivated to get it somewhat presentable. I do have a few pictures of the master bath though. 
The bathroom is green with your basic builders cabinetry....maple with a white marble counter top. Not bad, but just borrring! As for lighting above the sink...ugly hollywood style strip lights. We took those down right away & I put them on the curb. Of course no one took them, so in the trash they went. The faucets are bad though.....one of them is even broken. We bought new faucets & with the help of my father-in-law we have replaced them. The shower & the tub will need a plumber....there's soldering involved. We did manage to replace the handle in the shower, which I am happy with because the old one was upside down. As for the cabinets....you guys can probably guess.....I'm going to use chalk paint (surprise). I will post pictures of the sink area as soon as I finish....

boring..also not digging the brass hardware....

close up of the lovely faucets...(yuck)
Another lovely touch that this bathroom has is an ugly boob light. At least that's what I call it. The bathroom has really high, dramatic ceilings so I'm thinking that a little bling will be in order.
the boob light

The other project is the BIG one.....the kitchen. I wish I took a picture to show you guys...the kitchen was a coral/orange/red color. It was bad, very bad. The color kinda just clashed with everything, so they got painted asap. The walls are now a taupe/light grey color that I love! When we moved in I was happy to see stainless appliances & wood floors (that need refinishing, badly). The cabinets are all maple & have great moulding across the top. They aren't bad looking, but I want to lighten up the room so they're going to get painted. The island will also get a makeover too. I'm going to try to disguise it & make it look like a piece of furniture or something more custom looking. All hardware is also getting changed, along with the stupid leaky faucet that I have already broken once. Father-in-law to the rescue on that too :). If you look we have a beautiful white sink, which is stained & looking pretty bad too.....that's going too.
In my world this IS clean lol :)
The counter tops are all laminate, a kinda white with tiny grey speckles. Not sure what they were going for here, but they don't look like stone or anything. What I really want is soapstone & some calcutta marble <3......not sure if the budget can swing it...maybe the marble on the island if we get lucky enough to hunt down a scrap that would work. I have a couple of ideas for the main countertops, different projects bouncing around in my head. I just have to decide which way I'm going to go....

the island with the protruding knobs that always get caught on my clothing

view from family room, ....I think I'm going to eat that banana now...

one of my favorite parts.. (imagine sarcastic tone) so lovely the way the fake maple veneer has bleached to a beautiful shade of yellow
I'm hoping that by posting these pictures you guys will nag at me to get off my butt & get started.......
As of right now I'm thinking that my chocolate lab, Emma has the right idea....just being lazy. :)  
Emma- my big brown lump <3
Wish me luck guys...I have some big projects ahead of me!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Un-Wanted Entry....The Blue Cabinet

So it's Monday morning & I've had my cup of coffee & I'm awake :). Time to show you guys my cabinet that never made it to the final round of competition..... As I mentioned earlier, this was a curb side find. My hubby & I had just had a discussion about how I need to stop filling our garage up with furniture to paint. I explained to him that I would try to control myself & not bring home any more when, whatya know, his parents call me & tell me that their neighbor is throwing out two cabinets. They emailed me photos & I immediately said "yes, I want them"...(sorry hubby). I did show a little restraint, I only took one of them.
It wasn't in too bad of shape, just some veneer peeling off so I found a place for it in my garage. I knew right away what I wanted to do with this cabinet so it wasn't in my garage too long. First I painted it with chalk paint, using the shade Napoleonic Blue. I decided that I really like this color, & that I need to use it more often.

just getting started

After painting it blue I used some stencils that I had on the inset part of the doors. I actually hate using stencils...I always smear the images & splatter paint everywhere. As a result I always end up going back & painting over a bunch of the images, in this case the flowers. I just went & hand painted  a few of them & then touched up the rest that I could save.
after all the stencils were done & yes, I paint in my front hallway :)

stupid smudges

It's probably just me, but I'm not a big fan of stencils..... After fixing the flowers I then used a layer of clear wax, followed by a little bit of the dark wax in some spots. I also used a little bit of rub-n-buff on the hardware too. Then my favorite part.....distressing it. I have long come to the conclusion that I do not like "perfect" things. I like stuff that looks like it has stood the test of time & that has been "loved".

What's really funny is that my hubby doesn't want me to get rid of this one, but I will be selling it.....after all I have to make room for more :)
before & after

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Was-To-Be-Final Entry......Sneak Peak

the "before" shot, I almost forgot to take one :)..you can see where I had just started....
I was all set to show you guys what was to be my final submission in the One Month To Win It challenge today. Since I didn't make it through the last round I am free to share it with you guys but......I'm lazy today ;).  As a result you guys will just get a little peak at it for now. It's a little different then things that I have done in the past...it doesn't really have a frenchy-shabby feel to it, but I think it kinda "pops"!! I hope you guys will like it.......
to give you an idea of the color....
...the best part is that this cabinet was found on the curb, all sad & lonely waiting for the garbage man :)