Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm A "Blog On Fire" & My Picks

blog+on+fire+award.jpg       I just found out that I got awarded The Blog On Fire Award! Lesha at The Uncluttered Lifestyle awarded it to me...much thanks :)  You should check out her blog, she has some great before & after pictures of projects that she has done!
With this award you are supposed to tell five unique things about yourself & then pass the award onto five other blogs of your choice. So here are my five things:

1. I write with my left hand,cut with scissors & use the mouse with my right hand, but do sports both ways.....kinda messed up, huh?
2. I am the queen of freak accidents - I have had a live bug in my ear, smashed my fingers numerous times in doors & lost finger nails, broke my toes many times & have had countless random objects in my eyes. Insurance companies have called me more than once to confirm accident reports...really, I'm not kidding. It's amazing that I don't wear glasses & that I still have all of my fingers!
3. Back when my husband & are were dating & later on before we had kids we used to race beat up old cars on a local dirt race track. I competed in the "powder puff division". I now have mad skills when it comes to driving in the snow - (I have even impressed my 18 year old with them)!
4. I have a wicked sense of humor & it's very hard to embarrass me. You can just imagine what kind of situations this has gotten me into ;)
5. mushrooms gross me out, always have & always will

So there you have it.......I know, I'm weird.

Okay so here are my five nominees:

1. Scribbles & Swirls - Tami finds the greatest inspirations & posts them here for everyone to enjoy.
2. Fat Cat To Fit Cat - My high school friend Cat writes this. It's about her daily life. It's sweet & very heartfelt, but she doesn't have very many followers, so please stop by & visit her.
3. Sweetgirlcrafting - The "other Sweetgirl"....her name is Diane & she is my partner in crime, enough said ;)
4. Timeless Treasures - Audrey has a beautiful eye for staging & taking photos. Lots of lovely vintage things too! Hop on over for some eye candy.
5. Kathe With An E -Kathe started her blog the same time I started mine. It's a lot of fun to read & I visit it often...swing by & give her a peek.

So congrats girls!!!..........and remember to pass it on :)                                 

Hopefully all of your links work......some of you did not have buttons & some of your button s I could not get to work.......:(                                                   


  1. Those are interesting facts about you. I'm not sure I want to stand next to someone that accident prone though! lol

  2. Ha Ha! Some of those freak accidents unfortunately were caused by me....!! You are DEFINATELY a blog on fire and I am jelous but very proud!! :) Well deserved!


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