Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Peek Into The Past

I wanted to show you guys these great vintage pictures that I picked up a while back. If I remember right I think I only paid a dollar or two for each one. I actually passed them up the first time I saw them but I regretted it. Luckily when I went back a few weeks later they were still there so they came home with me! (Happy Dance!!)

The first one is a portrait of a lady in a beautiful outfit. I just love her hat! I'm not sure when this is from because I couldn't find a date. I just really love this picture. In the bottom corner it does say "Warmbold  Superior Finish Studio, 1515 Milwaukee Av., Chicago. Maybe I will do a little internet hunting?......
 The second one is a class picture. One girl in the front row is holding a sign that says "St. Alphonsus School - Chicago June 14/95".  I think it's safe to assume that means 1895, right? It's so cool to look at all of the different expressions on the kids faces......some are smiling, some look bored & some look kinda angry. Maybe it's because of that nun on the left side. I mean look at her, she looks like she means business!!! I wonder if she has a yard stick hidden up in her sleeve? Yikes.
It always surprises me when I find old vintage photos. I wonder how they end up in resale shops or barn sales. Even when I see them at estate sales I'm surprised. Doesn't that family want these photos? I know my mother has quite a few old vintage family photos & in our family they are treasured items. Each one is an important piece of family history. So important that I'm not allowed to have any of them yet......at least I can look at them at my parent's house, where they are safe from my four crazy kids!!

Oh, and if you have time I would totally appreciate it if you could hop on over to One Month To Win It to vote in round two. This challenge was to use something from the Decoart paint products line. Maybe you can even figure out which one is mine & vote for me ;)

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  1. I always find it sad that these people have "lost" their family. Happily, they have a new family now!
    Heading over to One Month To Win It. ~ Maureen

  2. Love the class photo. Are any of those children smiling? LOL

  3. Sometimes there are no living relatives remaining to take the photos or such a distant relative and if no identifing info with the photo there's no way to find some to take them. At least they aren't tossed in the trash. I think unclaimed old photos should go to local musuems or historical groups. Maybe the school would like a copy unless they have one in the archives.
    Nice find for you.

  4. This is so cool. I love old photos and the stories behind them.

  5. Awwww, I'll have to show this post to my mom. She is a historical buff and proudly displays pictures of our relatives and homes in her hallway. I think you are right on about that nun hiding a ruler in there, how else could she take control of a classroom that large!?! Sheesh!

  6. Is the Warmbold photo for sale? This was taken by my Great Grandfather

    1. I have a Warmbold photo of my great grandmother. I was doing an internet search and ran across this post. Could you tell us more about Warmbold?


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