Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitchen Facelift Part I

I did it. I finally got of off my butt & finished painting my kitchen cabinets. It only took me all summer! If I had stuck to my guns & not been so lazy or easily distracted I could have finished them months ago...but with the kids being out of school I just preferred playing at the pool :)
Since the kids have been back in school I've been busy with a new job but every time I looked at my kitchen I knew that I had to get it done. With that being said, they are finally all done!!! I used Annie Sloan chalk Paint in pure white for the cabinets & graphite for the island. I also used both the clear wax & the dark wax, while sanding them to give them an overall distressed look. Or as my husband calls it "dirty white". I have four kids so I've given up the whole idea of having anything pure white, that's just fighting a losing battle. Anyway.....here's my pictures of my progress so far:
the maple cabinets before I started,btw - that is a clean kitchen in my book :)

There's my stupid faucet that kept breaking, hmmm...no dishes in the sink- we must have eaten out....

it was like this for longer than I want to admit....the dogs liked it this way though

shot of the island

hint: make sure you number the doors so hanging them back on are easy

the finished island (no hardware yet)
hardware is finally on & the painting is all done

you can see my new faucet & the wood scrolly things that I added to the front of the sink

I used the same hardware on the cabinets as I did on the island

usually someone has their face in here looking for food.....

shot of the hardware & my favorite kitchen appliance...my iphone dock/radio :) Yes, I rock out while I cook.

another shot of my surprisingly clean kitchen...(it won't last)

I'm thinking about getting some new stools next....

this photo was from the listing when our house was on the market...the ivy & foo foo curtains were taken down immediately

can you figure out some of  what I'm doing next?......except I'm not doing it their exact way, going to change it up a bit :)

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