Bye Bye Ugly White Linoleum!

 I know it's been ages since I've posted anything but it's been crazy around here. I've been working a lot more hours lately, the kids and everyday "life" has kept me very busy....even when I find myself with some time, I'm just too pooped to do anything. But........I have managed to finally, (yes, FINALLY) get my countertops finished!!! I used the Giani countertop paint kit in Bombay Black. I watched the video & read the directions but being typical me, I changed it up a bit. First thing, I didn't tape off anything...I hate, well actually despise painters tape. I prefer just to use a fine brush & paint freehand. I also worked in large sections instead of smaller ones like they suggest. I paint fast so I had no problems with anything drying out. Lastly I added black glitter. Not the chunky stuff that kiddos use but the super-fine fancy Martha Stewart stuff. I used this because I wanted to achieve the subtle glimmer that black granite has. I am thrilled with the finished result!!! My husband cannot believe how realistic it looks too. :) I did put three coats of the final clear coat on it.....remember, I have four kids so I'm all about damage control! I still have the island countertop to do,which is going to be totally different and the backsplash too.....hopefully I will be able to keep this momentum up! Ok.....enough's the pictures...(excuse the bad shots, some were taken with a cell phone).
"before"shot with painted cabinets & original white speckled linoleum countertops

countertops had to be thoroughly cleaned first..
first I edged everything with a fine brush

edging around the sink
the first coat, the black matte primer is on

already a huge improvement with just the primer on!

close up of the counters after I added the mineral paints
there's three mineral paints (black, silver & bronze) I used all of them

I didn't use the sponges that came with the kit. I used my handy-dandy Target bags :)

Here I added the black glitter. It's hard to see, but it's on there...

I painted some veining to mimick marble...

another shot, trying to show you the glitter

you can see the glitter all over the sink before I cleaned it off 

waiting for everything to dry before putting on the final clear coat

Clear coat done!!...just have to clean off the edges of my sink 

the counters are pretty much dry now, they repel water already, but I'm waiting another week for them to"cure" before I put all my kitchen clutter back on them...
close up :)
still need to clean off my sink....:)

nice manicure.....
So what do you guys think? Not too bad for about $80 and a few days of work.....

next project.....the backsplash.....


  1. Very cool! It's hard to see but I bet it sparkles in the light. Looks very like marble. Beautiful job and awesome project blog!

  2. Amazing job!!! Love the price tag!!
    Keep up the great enjoy reading your blog!

    1. thank you so much...I've been neglecting my blog recently but I hope to get more projects done to share soon!

  3. I love that ! I want to do my bathroom like that, but don't know if I can. Is it hard to do? Especially the vein for the marble effect? You did a great job. Blessings

    1. it's not hard to do (if I can do it, anyone can)...practice your painting technique first & I found using a "light hand" helped to get the desired effect when I painted the veining....

  4. New fan! Beautiful job! :D

  5. This is beautiful. I've painted a few countertops...but I've never seen this product. Great job! ~Tammy

  6. Where do you get that paint? I have never heard of it!! What is the name of clear coat u used and where to get it, please. I want to do this to my ucky kitchen. Help an old girl out please!!

  7. This looks amazing. How durable has it been. I'm tough on everything.

    Popping in from Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

  8. OMG...your countertops look amazing I feel a sense of relief; because now I don't have to buy a new countertop. This is a great idea. Thanks. I am going to start on this project this weekend.

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  10. Hi there- LOVE this. My wife and I are getting our home ready to sell. We have linoleum counter tops as well. So were your countertops linoleum or were they the formica/laminate?

    What brand of primer, color, clear coat, etc. Can I get a product listing?

    Again, AWESOME job!

  11. How is this holding up? Has there been any issues with it and would you do it again? We are moving to a "new to us" home next week and the kitchen countertop needs to be replaced. I am looking for low cost options - would love your input!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    1. Sadly, this didn't hold up very well. But I ended up redoing it with chalk paint and a heavy coat of wax-that has actually held up surprisingly well...
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  12. I love the matte look. I notice this had a matte step, do you think it's possible to get a sealed in matte look?

  13. I love the matte look. I notice this had a matte step, do you think it's possible to get a sealed in matte look?


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