Monday, September 16, 2013

Emergency Re-Do

I know I haven't posted in a long time, work has been keeping me busy and draining my energy (same lame excuse-sorry), but I wanted to let you guys know something. As much as I loved my painted countertops and as much as I loved the look of granite that the Gianni kit gave me it didn't last......sadly. :(
I do have an excuse and I don't think any kind of paint would've held up to my problem.... What I didn't know was that I have a leaky coffee pot. It's not exactly a leak that you would notice, it doesn't drip or anything. What happens it that moisture builds up underneath it and I had it on my freshly painted countertops....I'm sure you can guess what happened next....  The paint completely bubbled up and peeled right off. Ugh. So I was left with a trashed countertop. Great. Wonderful. Looks beautiful...and no I did not take pictures of the crime scene, it was too ugly. So what did I do? I peeled what was left off (that was not fun,btw) and then I applied two coats of chalk paint in the color granite. I then applied a coat of the clear wax. They actually don't look that bad now..they almost look like soapstone. They're holding up surprisingly well too, of course I don't let water stay standing on them either. The stupid coffee pot has been banished to our island, which still has the ugly white linoleum. It's completely in the way there, but at least it won't damage anything...(I still need my coffee so this is how I'm sacrificing). Eventually I'm going to get wood for the island countertop, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I also still have a little section of the granite painted countertop, where our phone is so yes, my kitchen is sporting three different counter surfaces right now, (classy!). I've finally decided what we are going to do for a permanent solution....we are going to go with concrete. I figured if anything can stand up to four kids and a leaky coffee pot concrete can! I will hopefully get started on this project soon....I'm dying to do my backsplash but it has to wait for the countertops to be done! So I'm saving my money and looking for someone who will do a decent job, but not break the bank either...(wish me luck).
Oh and there's one more thing I need to a new coffee pot too!
Here's how my countertops look now done in chalk paint. It's been a few months and they are holding up surprisingly well!!!