Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So we've been in our house for three years and something has been missing. I have always known what it was but it's taken three years of discussing (whining) with my husband to get him to see the light....(my way actually). I have a giant old sign that I bought at a flea market a long time ago that I've always loved. In one of our other houses we had it hung up on a wall and all was well...but for some reason my hubby didn't want it up in this house, so sadly it was hung up in the garage. I saw it every day hanging up just above our 2nd refrigerator and every day I thought to myself that I need to get it back into the house. Well I finally, FINALLY got my way :) My husband finally agreed with me and he hung it up in our family room. He actually said that it looks great and that he doesn't know why he was against it so much...he then said "that he should just let me do whatever I want to the house since it always turns out looking great". Can I please get that in writing??!! Anyway, here it is...one of my all time favorite flea market finds-
I just love the graphics on this metal sign!

Right above our tv, where she was always meant to be :)
One other thing....I know the pictures aren't the best (more like crappy). I used my cell phone again...I did finally dig up my camera, I just was to impatient to wait for the batteries to charge, lol.  Shared with:  Knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com  Photobucket


  1. Awesome! I love it when we get our way, just wish it didn't take the hubby's so long to realize it! Glad that your sharing with us again! You have been missed.

    1. I love it too :)
      I've also missed all of my friends in blog land...happy to be back!!

  2. If he ever turns against that great sign again, I'll take it!


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