Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fun With The Girls...And A Few Zombies

This past September a friend of mine posted a little blurb on Facebook about a zombie race. I clicked on it and noticed that it looked like fun and since I'm always up for trying new things and the fact that it included zombies I was very interested. See, the first thing you have to understand about me is that I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, and the second thing is that I like to exercise. But there was one problem, as much as I love to exercise I don't like running. I will only get on a treadmill just long enough to warm up and even then I will not run. A fast brisk pace is fine with me but running? thank you. But then my husband reminded me of something... I always said that if I was going to run it would be for one of two reasons: 1. I am running towards a large pot of money or 2. I am running from a monster or a chain wielding psychopath. He then said that he thought zombies qualified under my Well, he was right so I recruited two of my friends who are crazy like me and we decided to go for it! Here's what I was a blast! Instead of being a typical race it was more of a team building exercise. Besides the running parts there were many obstacles and plenty of stretches where you could catch your breath too. When you were going through one of the obstacles there were no zombies around, which was a good thing because there was plenty of something else....MUD!! Let's just say that I now know what I would look like as a brunette with a deep dark tan, lol. Back to the running parts...we were told to wait for a group of runners before trying to get through the zombie infested areas. There's safety in numbers, take my word on this. We were all wearing flag football belts and the zombies would try to grab one of our three flags. If we got through the whole race with at least one of our flags left on our belts we were a  "survivor", if we lost all of our flags we were "infected". We thought we would all run together but that does not happen. When you are being chased it's every man or woman for themselves. You could care less where your friends are, you'll find them later. Your survival instincts kick in (big time)and all you want to do is get away from the zombies that are reaching for you! Pictures a bunch of frightened rabbits sprinting off in every direction...thats's what we all were. Even the "professional runners" were buckled over laughing and trying to catch their breath after running through a mass of zombies! We had a great time and managed to get a few pictures taken while we were there. Also, before you start wondering.....yes, we are definitely doing it again next year except we are dragging our husbands along too!!
Almost was in the shadow of the nuclear power plant

A view of some runners on the course

Runners trying to avoid a group of zombies

It's hard to tell but it was an Abraham Lincoln zombie...who's about to get some runners, lol

Us, before the race...nice and clean

A dance party was going on during the races

Afterwards....all muddy. Yes, that's a zombie behind us at the hand washing station :)


The zombie that captured my last flag about to take a bite out of me!

My medal

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