Monday, September 5, 2011

I Give Up, So It's Time To Shop

It's official. My camera is ca-poot, dead in the water, finished or as I like to put it - died & gone off to camera heaven. Thankfully I have saved all of my photos on those memory cards.  I was smart to listen to my crazy hoarding side & not click on the "delete all photos off memory card" button every time I downloaded photos. See- sometimes it is good to be a pack rat :)! My next order of business is buying a new camera asap! I hope to decide on one sometime this week. I want one that will take great photos but that won't be too difficult to use. It's not that I can't handle a fancy-schmancy camera with all the bells & whistles that can do everything, it's just that I want to keep it simple. I've actually taken some photography courses so I would know how to use all those settings. But the actual part about photography that I liked wasn't so much taking the photos (don't get me wrong- I do like that too) was playing with the images in the darkroom. That part rocked my world! If I could have a darkroom & afford all the chemicals I probably would. ........ someday.......sigh.....
Anyway-  need to get a camera asap because I have oodles of things that I want to show you!!!

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