Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Starting To Feel Like Fall Around Here

Now that it is officially fall & the weather is confirming this I have started to put up some of my fall decorations. This is a quickie arrangement that I have on our dining room table. Most of the pumpkins & the grapevine tree came from Michaels. The cute little chairs I found at a barn sale for a bargain... (swooped them babies up fast :). The little jar is full of shredded tissue & a vintage picture of a bird, sorry it doesn't show up well here. The little numbered blocks was a fast little project that I did a few weeks ago. I just painted them,stenciled the numbers, & distressed them. I'm thinking about making some more. I was going to make a table runner just like this out of my burlap pile until I stumbled on this one. I liked it so much & of course it was priced right, so it came home with me.

The second picture is my fireplace in our family room. Sorry about the crazy picture but there are windows that flank each side of it. We usually keep the blinds open to let the sun in or else the room gets dark & dreary. I tried taking a picture both ways & neither way worked that well. I'm sure it's only because of my lack of photography skills. Anyway, I apologize....
As you can see we have two,tall deep holes or cubbies above our fireplace. Until recently they were empty. I finally bought some clear vases & used some branches from our birch trees to fill them up. It was quite a mess with me dragging big branches in & trimming them but I think it turned out well. My teenage son thought I was crazy but afterwards he actually complimented me. He basically said "I guess it's not that bad". Take it from me, that's a compliment. I'm thinking about adding some bright fall leaves too but my hubby likes it the way it is. I'll probably add some. :) It's not like I ever really listen to his opinion.....he is learning to just let me "do my thing". On the mantle there's more fake pumpkins that I had, an old broken rolling pin, & a cloche with wire birds underneath it. The antique bean pot was from my great grandmother. Inside there is a handwritten note explaining it's origins that my grandmother wrote. I simply love that bean pot! The three tiered rack in the middle I found at TJ Maxx. It's just filled with more jars & do-dads. The whole mantle is pretty simple but I'm going to spookify it in a week or two for Halloween.......I think this time of year is so much fun!

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  1. Great vignette and so helpful that you let us know where it came from so we can copy. :) Thanks so much for sharing this on Motivated Monday at BeColorful


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