Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer So Far......

I figured that I would share with you guys some shots from my summer so far.........
My son with a hose & a motorcycle helmet.....need I say more?

hanging out down by the Fox River

Snow Patrol in concert...(excuse the bad cell phone picture)

this man can sing!

My daughter after her first dance recital

dancing her heart out to Lady Gaga (bad cell phone picture again)

the end of soccer season

at our neighborhood pool,going down the slide

my daughter, cooling off...

my son found the best spot on a hot afternoon :)

trip to Chicago...The Willis (Sears) Tower & the famous Drake Hotel

view of the beach in Chicago

The historic water tower

hanging with friends :)

yes, she is always that photogenic......

I hope your summer is as much fun as mine has been so far.......


  1. I have to say the pic of your son, the hose and the helmet is breaking me up! Thanks for the laugh! ~ Maureen

  2. How did you ever find time to curl your hair!?
    Great kiddo shots in the water, priceless :)


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